Peru Chile
Grape Varieties

A number of specifically grown pisco grapes are used:

  1. Non-Aromatic (quebranta, normal black and mollar)
  2. Aromatic (Italian, muscatel, albilla and torontel)
Non specific aromatic grapes are used (primarily muscatel).

Grapes are specifically grown only for making pisco.

Grapes are mechanically soft-pressed to only extract the first run of juice, avoiding any skin or seed.

The must is not fermented with the skins. After the must is fermented, it is distilled immediately.

No artificial substances are added. Pisco grapes have their own natural yeasts. Peruvian Pisco can claim to be unique in that it contains no added substances.

Skins are used from grapes initially used to produce red wine.

Grape skins are industrially pressed, combining juice, skin and seed.

The must is fermented in the skins for 4 to 7 days. The juice is separated and the skins are pressed. The pressed skins are left to macerate with water for 3 to 4 days and then distilled.

Sulphur dioxide and artificial yeast are added to guarantee fermentation.


Tinned copper non-continuous (batch distillation) stills are used.

The pisco is not rectified. It is not treated with water to lower the alcohol level. The grade is obtained by cutting the distillation process. A clean product is obtained.

The norm sets alcohol levels between 38° and 46°.

Continuous copper stills with a rectifying column are used.

Alcohol between 50° and 60° is obtained and lowered through rectification.

Different grades are produced (select, special, reserve, gran) ranging from 30° to 43°.

Storage & Bottling

Pisco is rested for 3 to 4 months. It is then filtered and bottled. It is not clarified using egg whites.

It is stored in glass or stainless steel to ensure it remains pure.

It is aged for 4 to 12 months. It is then mellowed with distilled water to reach commercial alcohol levels. If it does not have the appropriate glean it is clarified with egg whites.

It is aged in wooden barrels (which gives it its slightly brownish colour).